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Smart device for Safe & Simple Contact lens Insertion & Removal

We are a medtech startup, solving decades old challenges of both contact lens users, and contact lens industry


More than 50% of contact lens users switch back to glasses, majority of them in the first two months of usage. The top reason for dropout is reported to be discomfort with 41.9% to 52.9% users.


One out of 3 of contact lens users gets an infection, that requires a doctor’s visit. Serious eye infections that can lead to blindness affects 1 out of every 500 contact lens users.

The process of contact lenses usage has been the same since the first lens was created, and it is the cause of both challenges


To insert lenses, users are instructed to pick them up with their fingers, and place them in the eye


To remove the lenses, users pick the lens with two fingers, squese the lens, and pull it ot of their eye


It is common and unsafe practice for the users, not to replace the lens with new one, when the lens usage expires

We want to make contact lens usage safe, simple and smart, that is why we have created Colsia


Colsia is ergonomically designed digital device. It mimics natural movements of insertion and removal of contact lenses.


Without ever touching eyes with their fingers, users of the device can insert or remove their contact lenses.


Device is in sync with Colsia mobile application, tracking usage and notifying or even ordering new lenses for the user

Our road map. Following EU IPA grant, we are now looking for a seed round investment to proceed with the project.


  • Prototype proof of concept
  • Clinical testing
  • Patent application
  • Funding: EUR 75.000

  • Seed round investment
  • Production setup
  • Kickstarter campaign prep
  • FDA approval

  • Partnership setup
  • Team full-time commitment
  • Kickstarter campaign launch
  • Go to market

Need more info?

Please drop us a message, and we will get back with an answer ASAP.

At this point we are raising seed round, so if you are an investor, please do tell so we can provide a Pitch deck, and schedule a calll with you.

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Contact lenses usage discomfort

Contact lenses usage discomfort

Inserting and removing contact lenses is a frustrating and uncomfortable experience for some people. Contact lenses are a convenient and effective alternative to eyeglasses for vision correction. But, they do require some skill and practice to handle properly. One of...

Contact lens challenges being solved by MedTech startup Colsia

Contact lens challenges being solved by MedTech startup Colsia

There are more than 150 million contact lens users, facing daily challenges. Touching the eyes, with the fingers, is never a pleasant sensation. For all those contact lens users out there, this is just one of the challenges. Health issues and discomfort are known to...

Patent published under WO 2023/229478

For investigational use only. The Colsia device has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or effectiveness, or received CE sign. The Colsia device is currently not available for sale in any country.