Colsia Project Grant

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance and from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

About the project

MedTech startup Colsia exists for more than 3 years now. In this time, we have went from an idea, to usable prototype of our device.

At this point, we knew that we need to expand, and ask for the support in order to continue and bring our product to the market.

Our first funding support comes in the form of Mini Grant.

Mini Grant is meant for the startups in the early development stage, as they state on their website: “The Mini Grants Program is aimed at private young enterprises which are engaged in the development of technological innovations with a clear market need.”

For us at Colsia, this was one interesting, and learning experience.

Being one of the chosen startups to receive funds, besides the financial aspect, has given the team a great boost of morale to continue even stronger than so far.

The road map ahead of us is long, but every day, with each success like this one, the path is getting clearer.

Now with the funding, clinical testing, further R&D, production setup, are just around the corner, and we are hoping to have the first product in use before the end of the project with Innovation Fund.

Patent published under WO 2023/229478

For investigational use only. The Colsia device has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or effectiveness, or received CE sign. The Colsia device is currently not available for sale in any country.