About us

Colsia is a medtech strartup, working on solving decades old challenges of both contact lens users, and contact lens industry

We want to make contact lens usage simple, safe and smart

The story of Colsia

As engineers, we are trained to see only the challenge, and not the problem. Also, we are passionate about solving the challenges.

The story of Colsia started with a single person, our friend, telling one of our engineers about the challenge…

“My contact lens has moved in my eye, my hands are dirty, there is no place to wash them, it feels awful!”

It started with a simple napkin drawing of a device. We have created a few versions of a simple device, they all did work but we were not satisfied. It was just not enough. We wanted to make it simple, but also safe, and smart for the contact lens users.

More than a year has passed since, but we have made it.

Today, we have a working prototype of a smart device, user tested, and are getting ready for the market approvals by relevant authorities such as FDA. Next step, we will launch a Kickstarter campaign. 

The team of Colsia

We started with a small team of a few mechanical engineers. Today, Colsia is a team of not only mechanical and electro engineers, but also ophthalmologists, marketers, pharmacists, project managers, entrepreneurs with a vision and determination to make contact lens usage simple, safe and smart… a team with an average experience of more than 15 years in our respective fields, and a proven track record.

Want to know more? We are all eager to meet you!

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Patent published under WO 2023/229478

For investigational use only. The Colsia device has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or effectiveness, or received CE sign. The Colsia device is currently not available for sale in any country.