Contact lens challenges being solved by MedTech startup Colsia

Colsia, contact lens inserter and remover

There are more than 150 million contact lens users, facing daily challenges.

Touching the eyes, with the fingers, is never a pleasant sensation. For all those contact lens users out there, this is just one of the challenges.

Health issues and discomfort are known to contact lens users

Placing or removing a contact lens requires touching both eyes, and lenses, with the fingers. This causes discomfort, but also poses a great health risk. 

This is why the number of contact lens users is not so great. The Global Vision council states that 75% of the world population uses some kind of vision help. Vast majority are standard looking glasses users.

The research  by the CDC (US Center for disease control), shows that 99% of contact lens users reported at least one usage behavior, associated with health-related consequences.

CDC also reports that one 1 of 3 contact lens users had an eye infection which requires doctor visit. Keratitis, a disease which sometimes leads to blindness, is reported with one out of 500 users. The cost for the US healthcare system due to these issues alone is 175 million USD annually.

Discomfort has a great impact on the contact lens industry 

The abandonment rate amongst new contact lenses users is estimated somewhere between 26% and 40%. A study in 2017 reported a dropout rate of 26% at 1st year of contact lens wear. Also, close to 50% of those dropping out in the first two months.

The top reasons for dropout included discomfort (41.9% to 52.9%), poor vision (3.8% to 17.5%) and expense (11.6% to 17.5%).

Colsia aims to solve both main contact lens challenges

At Colsia, we are developing a new smart device, first of its kind. It is ment to solve both users, and industry challenges.

Colsia is simple and safe to use

The shape of the device is ergonomical, so it feels natural during usage, and provides a steady hand. 

To insert, or remove the lens, users will never have to touch their eyes, or the lenses, with the fingers. By this, we will eliminate both the risk of infection, and discomfort. 

During the initial clinical testing, users have confirmed that the device is easy to use. 

Colsia is smart

The device also has a brain of its own. Colsia will use IoT (Internet of things), so it can talk to the mobile application.

It can track both device, and contact lens usage and provide important information to the user. One of the common behaviors amongst the users is the fact that they do not purchase new contacts in time. It is also one of the health risks.

The application will provide notification when new lenses are due. If the user wants it, it can also purchase new ones in time automatically.

Colsia is around the corner

“In the age of all things smart, we have realized that there is a large number of people out there, who still use decades old methods. They are taking health risks, and nobody is even trying to find a way to help them. Since some of us here at Colsia face the same challenges everyday, we have decided to do something about it. So here, today, we are happy to share with the world that we have user tested the device, our team members are using them at home, and soon we hope the world will have a chance to use it too.” stated Mr Ivica Djordjevic, one of the founders at Colsia. “We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign during 2023, so stay tuned”, he added. 

The startup is in the stage when the device goes through fine tuning. All the necessary approvals are under way, and official market launch will follow the Kickstarter campaign.

Finding Focus, Magazine for contact lens users, by Colsia

Finding Focus is a Colsia magazine for all the contact lens users, and the people who are considering becoming contact lens users. They are 100% free, and available for download in PDF.

Finding Focus, Magazine for contact lens users
Finding Focus, Magazine for contact lens users
Contact lens smart device - Colsia

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Patent published under WO 2023/229478

For investigational use only. The Colsia device has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or effectiveness, or received CE sign. The Colsia device is currently not available for sale in any country.