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Finding Focus Magazine 

Finding Focus, Magazine for contact lens users, by Colsia

Finding Focus is a Colsia magazine for all the contact lens users, and the people who are considering becoming contact lens users. They are 100% free, and available for download in PDF. We are asking for an email, but we promise we will never spam you, only tell you when the new one is out, and when the device becomes available.

Finding Focus, Magazine for contact lens users

In this issue

  • Tips for people who are thinking about starting to use contact lenses
  • Contact lenses in everyday life: sports, entertainment, make-up…
  • How to prevent infections

And many more tips…

Finding Focus, Magazine for contact lens users

In this issue

  • What are the challenges of contact lens users and their impact on the industry itself
  • How one smart device can solve the challenges of both users and industry
  • Analysis of contact lens users

And much more…

Contact lens smart device - Colsia

Patent published under WO 2023/229478

For investigational use only. The Colsia device has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or effectiveness, or received CE sign. The Colsia device is currently not available for sale in any country.